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  1. The following contains critical information that believers everywhere need to have. Although the couple this incident is happening to are not Christians, their plight will resonate with all those of any religious beliefs who read these court transcripts. As you investigate the particular way in which the Holm newborn is being kept it is clear the method being used incorporates misapplications of DSM 4 and DSM 5 in such ways as they were never intended to be used. Violations of constitutional rights are flagrant and obvious to even those who do not understand simple basics of our government system. The following message is being sent out to people everywhere:
    Who will be the next one taken? Don't think it can happen to your child? Title IV incentives, secret family court trials, blanket gag orders, and the village who will benefit tremendously from raising your kids will insure that it continues. Horrified parents will learn one by one that no baby is safe. The Baby Holm story chronicles exactly how this is done from beginning to bitter end. Please share this information so everyone can prepare their hearts and minds for the reality of these times.
    To access the files, use the following bittorrent link:
    If you don't already have one, you will need to install a client such as qbittorrent, which is available for most popular operating systems, and can be downloaded from https://www.qbittorrent.org/.
    Anyone unfamiliar with the Tor network may have some concerns. Let me try to help you understand. The TOR / onion browser can indeed take you to some scary and dangerous places, so I am most certainly not asking anyone to go there. Bit torrents and TOR might SOUND similar, but they are completely different technologies.
    Bit torrent is a peer-to-peer file sharing protocol that doesn't have to go anyplace dark. You don't need a special browser, and it isn't especially risky.
    You are wise to be cautious about TOR and the dark web - there are plenty of unsavory things there. But that is absolutely not where I am asking people to go. Hope this helps to clear things up!
    Here are some links for additional clarification:
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitTorrent - BitTorrent: a peer to peer file sharing protocol. I *am* asking people to use this.
    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_%28anonymity_network%29 - TOR: a doorway to potentially dark and dangerous places. I am *NOT* asking people to use this!
    Once you download the files, please leave the torrent client connected for as long as possible. This will help to ensure that the information remains accessible to everyone, even if various government agencies would prefer to keep it quiet.
    In addition, this is the first batch of links the above message has been sent to.

    This is the second.
    The third.
    Yours is part of the fourth.
    I hear the children crying. Do you?



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