Thursday, 12 March 2020

Never despise those around you

A pastor  noticed  a particular mad man who  had always come to pick an unseen substances  infront of the  church  every Monday morning, he kept  quiet and never  said  a word as so not to fall into  trouble  with a mad man.

 Three months  later,  noticing  the mad man has consistently been  coming to pick up  things  as usual, he summoned  courage  to ask him what  he has been  picking on the ground for the past months.

The mad man responded. BLESSINGS, the pastor  was surprised to  hear the mad man sounding  very intelligent and interesting.

The mad man Continued., Everytime  God uses you to bless  your  congregation  with  huge  blessings, devine favor,  multiples of open doors, miracles...

 When the service is  over, 95% of your members will always drop their blessings,  miracles etc  at the front of this  church gate and left. Some living to club houses, some to their  boyfriends and girlfriends houses as well, some of them even end up gossiping, making unhealthy statements about the church fellow members and even the pastor and the wife, He continued, some of this 95% of persons attends every weekly activities in Church but are very very  far from  Christ Jesus, this  are unrepented souls that  will soon perish in hellfire. He asked, have you not  noticed  that  new members  seem to be having  wonderful testimonies than the old?

Pastor nodded. He continued, since the right owners  don't know  the use and benefits  of it,  I decided to  come  park them. Or should  I allow  God's blessings  to waste???

Pastor  sorrowfully  went into the  Church  and wept tirelessly.

Please  if you  rank among the  95% of the church goers mentioned by the mad man, you know you can't deceive yourself forever, Jesus Christ is calling  you *NOW* to *REPENT* .

May God bless you as you repent and respond to this call in Jesus Name. Have a glorious day.
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