Sunday, 26 January 2020


There are three realities of time - past, present and the future. The past and the future occur in the mind. The past is a memory.

 The future is an imagination. The reality of the past is in our memories of what has already happened. The reality of the future is in how we imagine things will happen.

The past is very powerful because it is the only expression of time that has already happened and therefore the only one which imprints itself on our minds. The present is reality that is still unfolding, as such, it can be observed and appreciated.

 Most people's lives consist of their memories of the past and their observation of the present. Such people respond only to what has happened and what is happening. They are reactive to life's choices and not proactive.

 They feel powerless to change what they don't like in their own lives and often lack the courage to question their choices.

_The future belongs to those who use their mind to design well what should happen after today. Those who are able to harness the power of forward looking imagination are able to set out what the future would be like._ Such people are proactive and don't wait to respond after things have happened.

 Creative imagination is the ability to see and know what will happen in the next twenty years ahead of time. It is through the power of forward-looking imagination that innovations are conceived and birthed. Today's scientific realities were yesterday's science fiction.

 _Those who understand the value of tomorrow, use the resources and opportunities of today to negotiate for and purchase the future._ Make your subscription to that class of people, and let it never expire.


_The future belongs to those who use their mind to design well what should happen after today.

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