Sunday, 26 January 2020

God Created You In His Image

The Preacher's Sincere Talk

When God appeared to Moses and told him he would deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt, Moses asked the Lord what should he say to them when the Israelites asked what is the name of the one who sent him. (Exodus 3:13).

 He is the  Self-Sufficient and Self-Existent One. He created everything from Himself.  He didn't need any material from anywhere else to do anything.

 (John 1:3). What's important and overlooked is what He expects of you.  What does He want you to become? If you don't say you are, others will say you are not.

 When you say You Are, it's like God saying, "I Am." Remember you are created in His image.

So, like Him, whatever you require will produce from within you. John 16:15 shows Jesus delivered everything to us. We are joint-heirs with Him. (Romans 8:17).

 Everything you require for the life of success,  victory, glory and righteousness has already been granted to you in Christ. Jesus knew who He was. That's the reason He was the way He was.

 He didn't have a consciousness of lack
 He made us exactly like Him; we are His reflection. In Him we are self-sufficient.

 You are created in God's image and likeness. Therefore,  you are self-sufficient,  for as He is so are you in this world. You live triumphantly always. Hallelujah!!!

Sybil "Sweetmama " Woodall
Sincere talk

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