Thursday, 28 November 2019

The Preacher's Sincere Talk

Fellowship time

Time to see each other,hear from one another and be together

Gatherings are Gods wisdom to foster and fester spiritual growth,mutual faith and the unity of the spirit

Hence,we supply one another's needs

We must keep having weak,small,great and strong in our assemblies

The weak get helped to be strong,to strong helped to not go weak but stronger

This morning position yourself to give and receive

The quickest is to pray for at least members of your department, cell etc give

Then you receive by the teaching of God's word.

Church isn't a mall where you shop for your likes

In church, you are the mall!

Make your self more available this morning


Pray for the entire service

Paticularly the pastors and ministers
Then members you know
Pick up someone or call or ensure someone is helped to the service

How many of your disciples have been through foundation school?
That's a good starting point for discipleship
Get into service promptly

Any pledged to redeem?
Don't forget your offering oo,its as important as prayer!

You have a spirit filled service!

I will too

I call you blessed
Sincere Talk

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