Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Shun pride!

Some believers (even Preachers) are full of pride because they think they are living perfectly right in their physical life.

It makes them always attack, condemn, & judge others who are struggling.

Dear believers of Christ especially the Preachers who think their maturity in some areas of their individual lives makes gives them the mandate to be screaming and shouting at others believers struggling, if the gospel of Christ which brings CHRIST consciousness is about screaming & shouting about the sins of people, then no man or woman will be qualify to have eternal life.

 No one is and can be perfect in this fake, illusion, physical perishable body.

 If by the grace of God you have matured in certain areas of life and don't do certain things in life, stop boasting because someone who does not believe in CHRIST might even be better in terms of moral  than you.

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