Tuesday, 1 October 2019

The Preacher's Sincere Talk

Dear servants of God

Today we mourn one of our association members and a great friend,  Pastor Berry Dambaza. He was such a lovely man, ever smiling and well respected.

 His death is a big loss not only to His family but also to the body of Christ.

 Servants of God we are really under pressure in this season, a lot is happening but in all these pressures Please don’t suffer in silence. Don’t wait until you get to breaking point. Reach out, there is someone who can walk with you.  please talk to someone even at  ZCMA we can walk with you in  confidence.

Ministry is a journey which you can't walk alone, ministry is not for lone rangers that's how it was designed by Him
In Genesis He says let *us* create man in our image"  remember even Jesus Christ had 12 disciples around Him. No Fisher man can do it alone .if you are a Moses you need a Joshua, if you are an Elijah you need an Elisha. Ministry is about others and even as a visionery you cant  go it alone.

Let me also encourage  you brethren that every problem has a solution , if there is a way in there is also a way out. In some places they have even written " in case of emergency  kick out panel".

Pastors we know you carry heavy loads please create time to offload , prayer room is one of the best places to be as the word of God says "Cast your burdens unto the Lord for He cares for you. 1Peter 5:7.

You are not alone in this ministry journey, we are here called by God to walk with you. We are a phone call or a text away from you.

Zimbabwe Christian Ministers Association 5th floor Megawatt House 44 Samora Machel Ave Harare
Email: zcmainfo@gmail.com

Tribute to Pastor Dambaza

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