Monday, 16 September 2019

Man Kills Son For Breaking Neighbour's Window

A Bulawayo man killed his son for breaking a neighbour's window.

 The man is  recovering at Mpilo hospital after attempting to commit suicide.

According to Chronicle, Joseph Phiri from Sindiza Suburb in Bulawayo struck his Form 2 pupil son Adam with an iron bar after he learnt that he had broken a neighbour’s window.

The strike turned fatal as he soon discovered his son was not breathing and he then drank a pesticide in a suicide attempt move.

" It’s senseless how he attacked and killed his child.

 We are told that his son had broken a neighbour’s window pane resulting in the neighbour approaching Phiri and telling him to reprimand his son. Phiri told the neighbour that Adam had been giving him problems and vowed to fix him.

 He savagely attacked his son all over his body with an iron bar, killing him in the process,"a source told the state run paper.

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