Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Jesus Is the Bread of Life!

 “Your fathers did eat manna in the wilderness, and are dead. This is the bread which cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof, and not die.” John 6:49–50 (KJV)

Human beings were not created to die, but because of the sin of disobedience, death entered the human race.

 Jesus Christ was sent by the Father to redeem the human race from the power of death. Finally, sin was nailed to the cross of Calvary, and death was defeated through the resurrection of Jesus Christ (John 20:1–10).

 His resurrection confirmed His Word that He is indeed the bread of life. The life here is eternal life; it is the divine life of God that can be corrupted by neither sin nor death. Dear beloved, Jesus Christ has now ascended to the Father, and He lives forever.

 Physical death still exists, but you can save yourself from spiritual death and eternal death by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life.

 Remember that physical death can only be overcome by believers in Christ Jesus, just as Enoch and Elijah did not see physical death; it all depends on your faith in Christ Jesus.

 Saving yourself from eternal death in hell should be your priority so that you can enjoy eternal life now and continually enjoy it when you depart to heaven.

 May you continue to eat the bread of life through the Word of God and teach others to do likewise. Hallelujah! You Are An Overcomer!


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