Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Change Is Imminent -Pastor Chiguvare

Zimbabwean opposition leader, Timothy Chiguvare has said guns and bullets will not stop the imminent wave of change in the country.

Chiguvare is the President of the People's Progressive Party and he is a pastor.

See Chiguvare's statement below:

CHANGE is imminent - Oh yes! CHANGE is coming soon to Zimbabwe.

 I can see the lightning of CHANGE and I can hear the sound of CHANGE.
2 Chronicles 7 vs.14

Oh yes! change is great ! CHANGE IS INEVITABLE
AK47 rifles and can't stop it if it so decides to happen because its in GOD’s control - ask Idi Amin, ask Compaore ; ask Mobuto Sese Seko ; President Yahya Jammeh ; Laurent Gbagbo Oluwaseun ask ask ask ask ask, research and use your brains!

 Imminent is RADICAL CHANGE in Zimbabwe.

It is only GOD who can appoint and remove Kings ; Presidents and Prime Ministers.  
Luke 20 vs. 17

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