Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Be positive in life

 By Rev C V Machakaire

 As a Christian you should not talk of defeat in your life , you should not be defeated by the devil , you should not be scared be evil spirits , you should not be intimidated by angels of darkness , don't be threatened by the devil .

You should never surrender to the devil , you should never surrender the battle to your enemies , Never loose the fight to the devil . Dont be prepare for defeat , Don't be prepare for failure , Don't be a looser in life .

 Don't be a business failure , Don't be a marriage failure , Don't be a failure in financial matters but be disciplined when handling money . You can have what you want in life , you can go where ever you want in life , You can have what you say .You must discipline your mouth if you want to have what you want in life , Discipline your mouth if you want to reach where you want in life , Associate with the right people if you want to be successful in life , You must move with people of the same mindset with you if you want to reach your goals .You must mingle with  good or correct people if you want to live a blessed life . You must date the right person  if you want to be happily married , Light and darkness can't coexist .So many people fail in life so many times because they get  ready to fail , they plan to fail , they prepare to fail , they budget to fail , they dream to fail , they believe in failing , they think of failing , they talk of failing . Don't be a failure because of your lips .

 Don't be defeated by your own lips , Some people were defeated by their own mouth , some were destroyed by words of their own mouth .                        
As a believer you should never talk of failure , defeat , doubt or unbelief but you should talk faith , you should have faith ( strong faith ) .You must start believing in Christ , Believing in good things , believing in beautiful life , Dream Big  , You must think Big  , think of beautiful things  , think of buying a good house / good car / good clothes / good food  , think of passing your examinations , Think of restoration of your health not to think about your death , Think of your promotion at work , Think of your wedding ,  don't underrate yourself . There is seed of greatness in you from God .

 You always get and have in your life what you believe for and say .You must start talking right , talking sense , talking good , talking wise , talking holy , talk like a child of God  , talk like a follower of Jesus Christ .

You must behave well , you must remove bitterness in your heart , remove hate language from your mouth , delete dirt language from your brains ,  remove vulgar language from your lips  if you want to be successful in life - Joshua and Caleb had won a victory in believing and talking right .Learn to control your mouth if you want to stay in the presence of the Lord .If you do not believe what you  are saying , you should not say it because if you say something long enough those words eventually will register on your spirit and will control your life .Just tell God what you want , Say what you want to your creator , God is able to deliver everything you want in your life .God is able to provide you with what ever you ask Him .

With God you are able to control the world, you are able to change the world to be a better place .

You are able to move mountains , you are able to overcome all the evil giants in your life and possess wealthy and the land like what Joshua and Caleb did ( Joshua 13:30 ) . It is not the giants in your life or the storms of life  who defeat you but it is your wrong thinking , wrong believing and wrong talking which lead you to defeat .

 May God richly bless you and keep you strong and faithful .Rev C V.Machakaire is a Leadership Coach , Church Leader , Professional Marriage counselor and An Expert is Social Psychology .

For Prayer Requests , Counseling or Leadership Coaching contact Rev C V .Machakaire on +263 775 170 761  , E-mail : ,  App :+263 775 170 761

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