Wednesday, 31 July 2019


Luke 1:59

Elizabeth delivered the baby, but the father was still dumb and could not speak as Angel Gabriel had said. The child had to be named. The neighbours wanted him to be named Zacharia. He was Zacharia's first son therefore it made a lot of sense to call him by that name. But is that what God wants. Whatever we do, let us ask ourselves if that is what God wants us to do. Apparently, God had already named the boy. Yes, God already has situations planned for us, what we have to do is to find and follow what God wants and we will not misfire.

How many times do we ask ourselves what God wants in our lives? Let us make it the norm. Let us move in God's plans. It looks good but is that what God wants?

Zacharia was being honoured here. They had given his child his name. That was a way of honouring the father. It is quite possible for us to want to be felt more than God. When we do all we do, let's do all for the glory of God

Elizabeth knew the the name of the child. The people questioned her although. Zacharia must have found have found a way of sharing with his wife....spouse to spouse. Yes he told the flesh of his flesh. These two apparently were so close although the people still insisted on a different name.

They asked Zacharia and he confirmed the child's name through writing. He avoided missing God's plan by doing his own wishes or the wishes of the people around. Zacharia chose what Angel Gabriel had said. Whatever the Word of God says, let us follow that. Zacharia learnt his lesson. Let's do it before the pain. Let's do it joyfully. Let us find joy in the Lord. IN HIM there is true joy. HE is the true giver.



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*_PSALM 20:7-8_*

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