Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Day One Of Fasting :Prayer For Zimbabwe

Dear Father
In the name of and through the son Lord Jesus Christ,

Thy Kingdom come and your will be done in Zimbabwe as it is in Heaven.

May your will be done on the soil of Zimbabwe,
May Your will be done in the halls and chambers of parliament,
May Your will be done in the halls of justice and courts,including the prisons,
May Your will be done in our homes,
May Your will be done in the cabinet room and all offices of government,
May Your will be done in the Chambers of all the local authorities, urban and rural,
May Your will be done in the house of prayer, the church.

Lord, we are sinful and have purposed to keep your word out of our politics, policies, schools, colleges and universities.
We have endeavored to take the Bible and Ten Commandments out of the hearts and minds of our young ones.
We have departed from your presence in our churches.
We have taken out genuine praise and worship to you from our assemblies of worship to replace it with fleshly deification of fellow mortals and self edification.
We have replaced your true word with the word of the world that tickles our ears and gladdens our flesh.

We fear the mortals and human monsters more than we fear you, the author and government of the universe.

We trust in armies and riot police more than we trust your angels.
We trust in guns and bullets than we trust in prayer and fasting.

Appreciating the sacrifices of our forebears, We however now honour and believe in the blood of departed fellow human beings more than we honour and believe in the blood of your son Jesus Christ, the messiah and messenger of the new covenant.

We have killed and shed blood of the innocent, peace-loving and guiltless.

We have oppressed the orphans, the widows, the weak and the vulnerable.

We have placed faith in man made education, schools and teachers ahead of the teacher of teachers, the Holy Spirit.

We have placed hope in manmade hospitals and clinics ahead of the hospital of hospitals, the Church.

We trust doctors and nurses more than we trust the genuinely sent true priests and true prophets.

We count on and depend on pills and medicine more than we depend on prayer and The Holy Spirit.

We have erected shrines and altars to worship idols and the dead.
We have offended you through our flag, currency and other national symbols.

We forget that you Lord says believe in Your God to be established and we believe your prophets in order to prosper

Hear us, Oh Jehovah

Forgive our manifold sins, ubiquitous iniquities  and multiple transgressions.
Accept our confession, contrition and penitence.

Forgive us and our sin Oh Lord and heal our land,
Restore your glory and authority,
Restore the Holy Spirit and your power,
Restore our faith and worship.

May you Restore your WILL in this land,
May you Restore our nation,
May you Restore our economy,
May you Restore our strong society,
May you Restore our families,
May you Restore our peace, our love and our hope and with it our faith,
May you Restore our unity,
May you Restore all citizens and citizenship,
May you Restore our infrastructure,
May you Restore our boom and prosperity,
May you Restore the love of our leaders,
May you Restore good governance
May we be the template of the world in leadership, multiracialism, peace, unity in diversity and love.
May our leaders lead in righteousness, humility and the grace of your love under your divine guidance and counsel.
May all our leaders be filled with the spirit of wisdom, truth, knowledge, understanding and revelation.

Teach us your paths,
Show us your ways,
Lead us in your truth,
That we may dedicate time to you in worship, fasting and praise,
Annually, we shall come before you at the beginning and at the end of the year
There shall be thanksgiving to you, Our Lord God.

This Zimbabwe shall be the blessed land of the free, peace-loving, Happy, prosperous and corruption-free.

We are a nation of warriors but you are the MIGHTY WARRIOR.

Lord, we are called by your name,
We are your people called by your name
You are Our God,
You are our Creator Author and Owner.

Bless us Father Jehovah,for blessed is a nation whose God is the Lord.

Glory Be to God the Almighty,
In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ



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