Friday, 28 June 2019

Christian sentenced for organising worship service

A judge on June 16 handed a Christian father of two in northwest Algeria a suspended prison sentence and a hefty fine for holding a worship service  at his house, four days before another judge fined the owner of land that a church uses.

Prosecutors had sought a six-month prison sentence and a fine of 500,000 Algerian dinars (US$4,200) for the 35-year-old father in Mostaganem, a coastal town about 350 kilometers (217 miles) west of Algiers.

 The judge instead delivered the two-month, suspended prison sentence and a fine of 100,000 dinars ($840) to the new Christian, who requested anonymity as he fears for his life in the officially Muslim North African country.

For inviting a Christian couple to pray with him, an area source said, he was accused of organizing Christian worship in his home under Algeria’s notorious religion law of June 2006, commonly known as the 03/06 law, which forbids non-Muslim worship for unregistered churches.

The law stipulates that churches must obtain the permission of a national committee to be registered, but this committee has never met, and no church request has been officially considered or approved, sources said.

“Incredible but true, it was enough that a neighbor denounced him and accused him wrongly, and he is condemned, all because he welcomed a Christian couple to pray together,” said the area source, who cannot be identified for security reasons.

 “He is frightened and shocked by this accusation.”
Police had summoned the Christian for questioning several times, the source said.

“During these visits to the police station, the poor man had to endure terrible pressure and intimidation, though he was known as a man of peace,” he said.Morning star news.

Number of persecuted Christian refugees drops

Despite the global refugee crisis being at an all-time high, the United States is admitting just a fraction of those religious minorities who are desperate to locate a safe place to live.

On June 20, World Refugee Day, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced that a staggering 70.8 million people were displaced last year alone.

 Tragically, many of these are from religious minorities and are fleeing fierce persecution in their home nations for the hope of a brighter future abroad.

However, despite continued efforts on behalf of the globally oppressed Christian community, the Trump administration has continued to drastically reduce the number of refugees admitted to the U.S., leaving thousands of Christians at risk of brutal treatment.

Indeed, many of those who are seeking safe passage to the United States are from Tier 1 “countries of particular concern” (CPC) as defined by the US Commission for International Religious Freedom (USCIRF).
The numbers speak for themselves.

 Between 2016 and 2019, data collected by World Relief indicates that there has been an 82 percent decline in the total number of refugees granted entry to settle in the United States.

 When you break the numbers down, they it gets even more shocking.

Among the most persecuted countries on earth, there has been a staggering 70 percent drop in Christians being admitted to the United States.

As an example, in 2016, almost 15,000 Christians were resettled in America after fleeing the vicious persecution of their home nations.

This year, that number has dropped drastically and is projected at just over 5,000.

Do You Love God?

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16 (KJV)

There are a lot of people who know something about God and the fact that He is the creator of all things. When such people are asked whether they love God or not, many will claim they love Him. However, some of those who claim they love God reject His gift of Salvation.

 How can they claim they love God but reject His gift of Salvation in the person of His Son, Jesus Christ? Dear beloved, those who can boast that they love God are the ones who have accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and personal Savior.

 True love is demonstrated by giving something precious and the recipient also expresses his love by receiving the gift and show appreciation for it. The gift of Salvation is the real test for mankind’s love for God.

 May you prove your love for God by accepting Jesus Christ and sharing His gospel with others to also prove their love for God. Hallelujah! Jesus Loves You!

What a powerful God we serve, He has done it for Charles Mugenyi of Uganda as per the above prayer testimony by his sister Christina Bonabana of Uganda.

We give our thanksgiving to our Lord God Almighty for all He has done for Charles Mugenyi of Uganda and all Glory, all Honour and all Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ Who gave up His life, for our lives, for sins, for our sicknesses, for  our illnesses and for all our wounds as He has done it to Charles Mugenyi is all good.

 I also thank his sister Christina Bonabana of Uganda for the powerful testimony which is very encouraging, very uplifting and very strengthening to our faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and I also thank all my prayer partners Pastor Eleazer John of India, Prophet Felix Maundu of Kenya, Prophet Gaurang Patel of India, Prophet  Joe Singh of India and Pastor Vincent  of Uganda.

 May God richly bless you all in His abundance grace and favour and all in Jesus Christ Mighty Name Amen.

Power Of The Word Of God

Being born again, not of corruptible seed, but of incorruptible, by the word of God, which liveth and abideth for ever. 1 Peter 1:23 (KJV)

Knowing that the Word of God is capable of doing everything makes you put premium on the Word.

The Word of God is pure and imperishable; it has the ability to mold you into what God has destined you to be. Remember that it is this same Word that gave birth to your new nature so that you can be called a child of God.

Dear beloved, depend on the Word of God for everything; it has answers to every need in your life.

 Search the Holy Scriptures and meditate on them day and night and they will manifest the solution to your needs and wants, Proverbs 1:2-3. Hallelujah! Be An Overcomer!

Are You A Child Of God?

But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name: John 1:12 (KJV)

God is a very good person; He created everything with a good purpose.

 He created Christianity for the wellbeing of humanity. It is a call to enter God’s rest to enjoy all the good things He has in store.

 Before you can enter His rest and enjoy His fellowship and the very good things He has in store for you, you need to be given the right. The right is the power to become the child of God.

This divine right is given to those who believe in Jesus Christ and have made Him Lord and personal Savior of their life.

 When you become a child of God, you have the right to use His name to get what you need. This right gives you access into His presence and before His throne, Hebrews 4:16. In fact you have all things by virtue of this divine right and ultimately end you in heaven.

 May you take advantage of this right or power to rule your world. Hallelujah! You Are An Overcomer!

ZBC Needs 700 000 Euros To Broadcast AFCON Matches

In a development that is likely to frustrate thousands of soccer lovers, the  Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is struggling  to acquire broadcasting rights for the Africa Cup of Nations.

 This was said by ZBC Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Mavhura during a  meeting with the  Parliamentary  Portfolio Committee on Information, Media and Broadcasting Services.

"The Corporation needs 700 000 Euro to secure broadcasting  rights," he said.

The  Warriors have a date with  hosts Egypt tomorrow.

This means the national broadcaster may not screen the much anticipated AFCON Tournament.

ZIFA Dismisses Mliswa Corruption Allegations

The Zimbabwe Football Association  (ZIFA) has made a response to accusations by Member of Parliament for Norton Temba Mliswa.

Mliswa alleged  that  officials from the football body stole part of the money meant to fund the national team during their Afcon campaign, causing delays in paying the players’ allowances.

The Warriors threatened not to fulfil the Afcon opener against Egypt on Thursday, and the payment was only made nine hours before the kick-off on Friday.

Zifa has asked Mliswa to verify his allegations.

However Mliswa has vowed to expose corruption in the association.


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