Thursday, 9 May 2019

Voice Of Bikita Statement On Horrific Masmery Accident That Killed 60

Voice  of Bikita, a Maskingo based network has conveyed condolences to the families of 60 people who perished in a horrific bus accident in South Africa yesterday.

"Sad news- The Masmery bus  accident claimed the lives of  60 people
at the Luis Prichard Hill.

Very sad all the people who perished are breadwinners.

Back home people have become victims of  the Zanu PF misrule  forcing them  go out of  the
country to for themselves and  their families.

To all relatives
family and friends who lost your loved ones we
say don't worry it shall be  well.

May their souls rest in peace
Zororai Murugare
Lala ngokhutula

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