Thursday, 9 May 2019

Nurses Vow To Continue Selling Home Brewed Maheu To Patients Until They Get Salaries In US Dollars

Nurses and other staff members at Chiredzi Hospital, who are selling home browed maheu to patients have vowed to continue doing so as they are receiving paltry salaries.

The nurses said the escalating prices of basic commodities  forced them to  resort to alternative measures to raise extra income.

A nurse at the hospital fumed:"We are selling various food items to patients as a way of  beating the escalating prices of basic goods.How do you expect us to survive in this harsh economic environment?"

 The nurses are  selling maheu and uncertified frozen water to patients at the government hospital.

The issue came under the spotlight when a Chiredzi resident wrote a letter to the hospital matron, raising concerns about possible health risks for  patients.

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