Thursday, 9 May 2019

Jesus Christ Loves You

Unexpected should be expected always, because you are in a battle field.

Any time you will be attacked and the weapons can be used from anywhere. The enemy is so keen on destroying you by scattering your mind to different things. Once the enemy wins to distract you, then on, you fail to guard yourself. Thus the enemy gets upper hand. But, when you are attacked, you have God, the strong shield, in front.

 If you stand in the battle as guided by God, He will fight against your enemy. This is the confidence you have on God. He never leave you alone. Don't let devil to deceive you by bringing in troubles simultaneously.

 So be vigilant to identify devil's ploys and be intelligent enough to handover everything to God, your protector. He will sustain your heart with His peace and make you win over the enemy. Yes, Jesus fights for you and makes the enemy show you his back.

Jesus loves you.


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