Thursday, 9 May 2019

Is tithing relevant to the New Testament?

Apostle Yiga Francis

 Emphatically yes, tithing began before the law and the first direct reference we see to the tithe is in Genesis 14. Tithing came to Abraham by revelation not by law (when you walk by faith ,like Abraham, you just know what to do).

In Matthew 23:23, Jesus condemned the Pharisees for observing some part of the law and neglecting others. They did what was convenient and left what was uncomfortable undone. They should have observed everything. Jesus said they ought to have observed judgement, mercy, and faith, and tithed. Jesus wasn't against tithing, he was teaching that tithing won't work or profit you if you don't walk in faith, and love. Jesus called judgement, mercy, and faith, the weightier matters of the law because they are issues of love and if you are walking in love toward God and others you would pay your tithe. _"You cannot love without giving but you can give (and pride yourself in it)  without loving,"_ which is what the pharisees were doing.

In the Old Testament, the priests received tithes and blessed the people. Now in the New Testament, Jesus receives tithes as our High Priest in the order of Melchizedek (Hebrews 7:5-8). And just as Melchizedek blessed Abraham, so we are blessed when we give our tithes. So pay all your tithe. It is a kingdom due. As a child of God, Your tithe is your financial security against financial disaster. It secures your finances from waste. It is God's insurance policy for the children of the kingdom.

_Jesus called judgement, mercy, and faith, the weightier matters of the law because they were issues of love and faith._

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