Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Role of prophecy in church

Let us carefully examine the three major roles of prophecy in the church today.

Edification- act as one who promotes another's growth in Christian wisdom, piety, holiness and happiness.

Exhortation - a calling near, summon, appeal, address, encouragement, instructive and imploration.

Comfort- address for persuading, stimulating, calming and consoling.

From the above descriptions we can deduce that the true prophetic message is a strong one. The average person is not interested in a strong word of correction, rebuke and direction.

Conviction is the fourth role of prophecy in the church.

There is another area of confusion about prophecy in the Body of Christ- that is the difference between prophecy and declaration ( NB prophetic declaration is a different subject).

Believers will say something like, " I prophesy to principalities over the city of Masvingo, let the people go" In this case they are not prophesying but they are making a declaration against the spirits of darkness. NB you do not prophesy to demons but to people - rather you can prophesy about demonic bondage according to the revelation of the Holy Spirit." Be healed in Jesus' name is a declaration.
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