Saturday, 27 April 2019

Man Kills Dad For Calling His Mother A Prostitute

A Gutu man fatally stabbed his father with a sharp object for allegedly calling his mother a prostitute, police in Gutu have said.

According to the  police in  Gutu, Steward Ganda (23) of Ganda Village under Chief Mazuru stabbed his father, Diti Ganda (60), on the forehead for calling his mother a prostitute.

Diti also told his son  that he was not his biological father.The incident happened last week.
According to the police, the two were  drinking beer together on the fateful day and around  5pm, they decided to return home.

 On the way home, Diti then  told his son that he was not his biological father. He also described Ganda' s  mother as a loose woman.

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