Saturday, 27 April 2019

How the devil attacks marriages

The bible clearly teaches us how to abide by the expected Christian principles as far as marriage is concerned.

In the book of Mt chapter 19, Christ points out that in a marriage two people are closely intertwined, implying that theologically and spiritually they become one person.

The devil is aware of the fact that God has pronounced blessings on married people.As an example, in the book of Genesis, God pronounces the first blessing upon the first couple, Adam and Eve.

God declares that the two would  be fruitful and multiply.God does not  violate His principle of  multiplication.

The devil sows seeds of hatred between married people, resulting in endless conflicts and this then effectively deters couples from enjoying the fruits of marriage.

Such seeds of hatred include, an unforgiving heart, selfishness, strife and intolerance.

The devil also attacks marriages through demonic forces,  for instance marine spirits, anti-marriage covenants and generational limitations.

Christians must always be alert and above all the devil cannot defeat true believers no matter how hard he tries.
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