Thursday, 4 April 2019

Fear Grips Villagers As Lion Devours Livestock

Villagers in the Chitsa area in Gutu North are in  a state of shock.

  Yesterday a  lion roared three times in a hill called Chatishwe between  Gori and Gweme Villages. 

Having heard this strange noise villagers teamed up - armed  with axes, machetes  and knobkerries and rushed towards the hill.

 While enroute to the hill they discovered that when the lion roared it had already attacked and killed two heifers and a bull belonging to the Magumeni family.

 After seeing a group of people charging towatds it. the lion disappeared into the darkness.

 We are now worried as we now fear for our lives.

We urge the Parks and Wildlife authorities to come and trap  this fierce animal- which rarely moves solely but in a  group called a pride- concerned villager.

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