Tuesday, 2 April 2019


 Matthew 24                                                
I was watching those videos and pictures from Chimanimani and l saw beautiful homes in floods; people lost their lives and l asked myself what type of furniture were in these houses; how much did it cost? I began to imagine people's effort trying to acquire things and at the end they lost everything.

I saw dead bodies and these people had goals and desires just like us; yet all was terminated just like that.
You know what? Life is too short. Let's win souls  for Christ. Let's invest in the Kingdom of God right now. What are you spending your time doing
I saw one common thing on all these pictures and videos; handina kuona anybody carrying luggage ; sofas etc. they had left everything.

I can even see those houses with satellite dishes on top sinking in water. I am just imagining what types of Plasma TVs were in the houses. What type of furniture was in the house.

Some travelled all the way abroad some to South Africa even Mozambique to aquire these things. Some used bad ways to get those properties. Some they could not come to church and get time to serve God; busy aquiring things.

Then in just hours all is lost. Nobody cares to take their properties but they only run for their dear lives.

Do you know what we learn. We learn that we must major on that which is important -  Jesus Christ
You know we behave as if we own time itself; as if we have it all. We major on the minors. We don't have much time, Nobody knows the hour or the day..... so be prepared.
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